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In Liven Your Leathers, you’ll be taken on an upcycling journey by London College of Fashion graduate Dom Salunke. She’ll speak to you about cleaning your item, layering colours, created eye catching designs and blending shades – and you’ll get to take home your very own piece of art.

“During the workshop, you can choose from a mixture of freehand and stencil art to create your design and then you’ll have around 1hr 45 to create your design with constant guidance from me. I will give you tips and tricks along the way of how to get perfect gradients with colours and effective ways to make designs pop as well as showing you foolproof ways to nail proportions and create something amazing even if you don’t feel at all confident at drawing.”

Find out more and book at: liven-your-leathers-a-leather-painting-masterclass-by-dom-salunke-tickets-415852545157

Event Details

Venue: Shipyard Market

Date: 2 October

Doors: 10:30am and 2:30pm

Entry: £49.50

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