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Film showing plus Q&A with director Bill Scott.

In the winter of 1900 a weather-beaten troupe of actors arrives in a small mining town, perched on cliffs above the Atlantic. Dragging with them a cartload of scenery and an emaciated pianist, they have come to give a performance of Beethoven’s opera “Fidelio”.

The inhospitable, granite-grey town is in crisis: its once-glorious tin mine, upon which everyone’s livelihood has depended for generations, is on its last legs.   As these different worlds collide, melodrama spills over into everyday life when the mine unexpectedly yields up new treasures and any notion of fair play is abandoned.

Tin was orginally produced as a play in collaboration with English Touring Opera  in spring 2012. It has now been re-created for screen, using the lastest digital technology combined with exquistely crafted model sets to produce a ground-breaking British film featuring Jenny Agutter & Dudley Sutton, alongside Ben Luxon and the original cast. 

Event Details

Venue: Netloft Cinema

Date: 29th September

Doors: 7:30pm

Entry: Free

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