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Tracey is a Cornish landscape artist. She was born in the 1970s in Hayle, Cornwall, where her family have lived since the 1800’s. Always imaginative and creative from a young age, she spent her childhood exploring the Cornish landscape learning about the coastline, the ocean and nature.

Whilst she loved to create, Tracey became a nurse for the NHS and her passion for creating art had to take a back seat. Painting became a hobby for the next few years until her retirement where her love of art could be embraced again.

The fundamental inspiration for Tracey’s art is her Home. She is constantly inspired by the Cornish landscape and feels a deep connection to the ocean. She works from home, often from plein air sketches captured in watercolour or charcoal. Tracey wishes to communicate a feeling of joy and connection within her buyers. The same joy she feels when painting the cornish landscape. She believes it is important to protect the landscape for future generations to enjoy.

Tracey’s work is held in private collections across the UK. Bespoke (commission) orders are accepted.

Event Details

Venue: Porthleven Clocktower

Date: 1st October

Doors: 11am – 4pm

Entry: Free

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