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Luci Ward is a graphic designer and owner of the beautiful Porthleven-based shop Hand and Palm – Selling her Art and other lovely things. Luci’s designs are inspired by her childhood, day to day life and nature, they come from a place of experimentation, love and humour with the sole purpose to bring joy into peoples homes.

She’ll be joining Suzie Inman in the Clocktower Studio on Tuesday 27 September, painting large scale originals and offering you to draw your own palm tree, which will be created into a ‘Palms of Porthleven’ print.

She can also be found every day except Mondays and Tuesdays at her shop in the Shipyard Market where she’ll be running drop in badge making workshops for £5.

Event Details

Venue: Clocktower

Date: Tues 27 September

Doors: 11am – 5pm

Entry: Free

Hand and Palm

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