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Sadly Dave is ill and has had to cancel the rest of his demos this week.

Dave Cusick is a master craftsman with an eye for selecting the perfect form to enhance the natural beauty of a piece of wood. He’ll be demonstrating his craft all week in the Shipyard Market.

Dave began woodturning as a hobby in 1995 whilst living on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. He turned professional in 1997 after attending a course with the renowned Melvyn Firmager. David was accepted on to the Register Of Professional Turners in 1998. In 1999 he took on the chairmanship of the Cornwall Association of Woodturners, which he held for two years.

David works mostly with English timbers such as Yew, Oak, Laburnum and Ash. His favourite species is Yew for its rich colour variations and pattern. He also works with some imported timber, mostly burrs, from Australia such as Jarrah, Coolibah, Myrtle, and Mallee. David often works with pieces of timber that other woodturners would avoid, relishing the challenges it brings and the opportunities to refine his skills.

Event Details

Venue: Shipyard Market

Date: 24th September – 2nd October (except Mondays)

Doors: 10am – 5pm

Entry: Free

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